Merchant Remote Deposit

Trips to the bank can start adding up quickly — especially when your business is no stranger to receiving checks. Merchant Remote Deposit bridges the gap between your office and the branch.

Rather than tie up resources at the bank, simply scan the front and back of checks, then send them on their way. This time-saving service also prevents errors in accounting, and allows you to consolidate deposits from multiple locations. Streamline your incoming cash by signing up today.

  • Deposit any number of checks without stepping foot outside of your office
  • Convenient desk scanner provided by BRB
  • Simply scan checks, then send them on their way for review and processing
  • Accelerate funds availability and maximize cash flow
  • Free up resources by preventing unnecessary bank trips
  • Spend less time preparing documents
  • Fewer errors in accounting
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations
  • Enhanced security; reduce the risk of check fraud