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    As a Golden Advantage Merchant Sponsor, I agree to the following:

    I will offer a special service, discount, and/or item of value exclusively to Golden Advantage members.

  • OK My discount is as follows: is required
  • If I wish to change the special service, discount or other value offered to Golden Advantage members I will notify Blue Ridge Bank’s Golden Advantage staff before I do so.

    I will agree to be a Golden Advantage Merchant Sponsor for two years from the date of this document. At the expiration of the two years, my sponsorship will continue or I may terminate the agreement by providing written notification 60 days in advance of expiration date.

    For the duration of the agreement, I know that I will be listed with other Golden Advantage Merchant Sponsors who have like agreement.

    I agree to have the name of my business listed and referred to by Blue Ridge Bank staff members along with other Blue Ridge Bank Golden Advantage Club benefits and the name of my business may appear in Golden Advantage Club advertising, print and/or radio.

    I agree to display a sign prominently in my business location(s) stating that I am a Golden Advantage Merchant Sponsor and will honor Golden Advantage Members with their exclusive offer when presented with the Golden Advantage ID Card. I may refuse the “exclusive” offer to those members without their card.

    This agreement covers all current and future locations of my business.

  • OK Name of Business is required
  • OK Website is required
  • OK Owner is required
  • OK Phone is required
  • OK Date is required
  • OK BRB Representative is required
  • OK Security Code is required