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Your bigger business needs an account to match. Choose this one to save on larger transaction volumes.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Transactional Items*
  • Earnings Credit to Offset Fees**
  • Free Digital Banking
  • Business Services Available
  • Ideal for businesses with medium to large transaction volumes
  • Unlimited transactional items available at 16¢ per item*
  • 39¢ per $100 cash services fee
  • $20 monthly service fee
  • Earnings credit issued based on balance**
    • Earnings credit used to offset monthly fees incurred
  • Check Safekeeping available upon request
  • Free digital banking services
  • Free Visa® debit card
  • Business services available
  • $100 minimum deposit to open

*Transactional items defined as checks, debits and deposits.

**The earnings credit is based on the account balance and applies only to offset service fees; it is not credited to the account.