Start Up Loans

Hit the ground running with the help of not just a lending provider, but a banking partner. At Blue Ridge Bank, we understand the many needs of a start-up business and also that they likely won't stop there.

That's why we build a lending relationship of trust and understanding. We work very closely with you to solidify financing that works uniquely around your business model. Plus, we're located just around the corner, so you can count on a person who gets to know you personally, not an automated teller or a spreadsheet.

  • Competitive rates for businesses that are just starting up
  • Available with a business plan that shows there are good prospects for a profitable future
  • Accommodating financing terms, customized to your business's unique situation
  • Loans may be partially guaranteed under an SBA program
  • Local, Blue Ridge decision-making and processing
  • Thorough, attentive service every step of the process