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Move money fast while keeping it secure. Our payables services can help you make payments while defending against fraud.

Get money where it needs to go quickly and securely. Our wire transfer services can move money domestically and internationally. 

  • Easy, same-day, safe movement of funds
  • Initiate domestic and international wire transfers
  • Initiate wire instructions from the convenience of your office
  • Save time and company resources
  • Schedule one-time transfers or create recurring templates for future use

Let’s consider the possibility that someone in your organization doesn’t get paid on time. Actually, let’s not. Make sure everyone gets paid in a timely manner with our payroll solutions.

We've partnered with a payroll company that can fit your needs. Learn more about MoneyWise® Payroll Solutions.

Catch fraud before it happens with this service that can keep fraudulent checks from clearing.

  • Catch fraudulent activity before the money leaves your account
  • Simple, back end process:
    • Positive Pay — Automatically compares checks presented for payment to those in your check issued file
    • ACH Positive Pay — Automatically compares the ACH transactions presented for payment to the authorized company's transactions on file
  • Sends alerts when a mismatch occurs
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Timely return of money should fraud occur
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind knowing your information is receiving increased security
  • Flexibility of a large credit line
  • Ability to control how and where funds are spent
  • Free card; no annual fees or interest owed
  • Corporate liability on charges
  • Reports available in multiple extract forms