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Simplify receivables. We offer a suite of services that help you do just that — while saving you time and money.

Trips to the bank can add up quickly — especially when your business is no stranger to receiving checks. Remote deposit capture bridges the gap between your office and the branch. 

  • Simply scan checks, then send them on their way for review and processing
  • Accelerate funds availability and maximize cash flow
  • Free up resources by preventing unnecessary bank trips
  • Spend less time preparing documents
  • Fewer errors in accounting
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations
  • Enhanced security; reduce the risk of check fraud

Boost sales and smiles with this convenient service. Start accepting major debit and credit cards from your customers.

  • Available to BRB business customers
  • Provide additional payment options for your customers
  • Accept major credit and debit cards for increased versatility
  • Boost your bottom line by making it easier for people to pay you
  • Reduce processing time and human error
  • Reduce billing expenses
  • Equipment is easy to use and set up
  • Streamline billing and record-keeping

Streamline payments and ensure accuracy with our ACH services.

  • Conduct a number of outgoing payments 24/7, electronically:
    • Directly deposit employee payroll
    • Make vendor payments
    • Pay state and federal taxes
  • An up-to-date record of transactions is available via online banking or account statements
  • Schedule one-time or recurring outgoing payments
  • Efficient and accurate processing, providing more visibility to your cash position
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase productivity by automating processes
  • Cut down on employee resources and time
  • Increase accuracy; reduces human error
  • Eliminates wastes and expenses associated with paper checks